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Proper eating tips on this site can head off cancer, heart problems, joint pain, organ failure, and most of the problems of aging. This site contains free information about how to live a longer, healthier life without harangues to be a certain waist size or appearance. You can choose to live longer.

First, establish that you eat enough vitamins, minerals, and protein (see Good Diet below.). Then make sure you aren't aging due to missing special nutrients; missing them causes most people to die before 65 (see Perils below.) Understand how your hormones regulate your body to inprove your immunity to disease (see Balance below.) Read how overtraining or incorrect weight control can unbalance your body leading to early death from uncontrolled adrenaline causing stroke or heart failure (see Winning sports below.)

balance Longer life is more about 'being in balance' and less about an appearance. Awareness of the 'natural' progress of aging can compansate for less favorable heredity, to make it possible to retire and live many more years. When people say they are overweight because their glands dictate weight, they are much more right than mistaken. Health and weight control is affected by  how well you feed minerals and vitamins to cells. A good immune system (adrenal) requires balance. Some nutrients, herbs, supplements and drugs can make a difference; but it takes careful monitoring over months, often beyond the capability of doctors; because they can't monitor you every hour for months, so monitor yourself carefully.

Genes inherited from parents often determine how long you live. People with extra weight can live as long as thin people if what they eat contains sufficient nutrients that long-lived thin people eat. Low- nutrient sugar and starches don't have the minerals and vitamins to remain healthy, so people decline in health; but a person that loves to eat can include more vegetables with fiber and vitamins to prevent feeling starved.

It's a mistake to think that one drug, herb or food will solve each problem when it appears; A more long-term approach is required, Millions of people feel fatigued, hungry, and ill due to lack of nutrients that causes low energy (low levels of cAMP and cortisol) making a 'tired, bloated couch-potato,' so over-eat carbs to feel happy. These technical words are explained in this site.

Sugarless Drink to Hold the Body Together.

How to Eliminate Unwanted Growths

Prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Do your own internet research on each of the technical or jargon words in this site to verify the usefulness of my findings.

Healthy Weight .. Perils .. Winning Sports .. Balance .. Good Diet

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